N.V. ELMAR a celebra cu un dushi treat pa clientenan

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ORANJESTAD, Aruba – 18 di november 2016: Gerencia y empleadonan di N.V. ELMAR a celebra e hecho cu nos compania nacional di distribucion di coriente a cumpli 66 aña di existencia, brindando servicio 24 ora pa dia y 7 dia pa siman. Pa esey a prepara un treat special pa tur cliente cu a bishita nan oficinanan nan Hato y Oranjestad. 

N.V. ELMAR ta considera un honor pa por sirbi comunidad di Aruba y provee un red y suministro stabiel di coriente cu ta alcansa clientenan den tur parti di nos isla. Sin perde for di bista desaroyonan y innovacion, N.V. ELMAR ta sigui cu e mesun bon energia, proveyendo clientenan cu servicio amabel y cordial.

Agregando na e puntonan di contacto di N.V. ELMAR pa su clientenan, e compania a lansa su pagina di Facebook como un plataforma pa sigui duna informacion na clientenan y comunidad en general. Tur empleado a participa diabierna cu introduccion di e pagina di Facebook bistiendo un T-shirt anunciando e pagina y invitando clientenan pa “like”.

Facebook ta wordo incorpora como e plataforma di social media mas popular na Aruba. Asina N.V. ELMAR ta amplia su canalnan y ta sigui busca comunicacion mas estrecho cu comunidad. Informacion cu ta/lo ta disponibel riba e pagina “NV ELMAR” ta informacion riba desaroyonan y innovacion, avancenan tecnologico, servicionan nobo, interupcion di coriente y na momento cu e coriente keda reconecta y informacion tocante trabaonan di mantencion. Ademas, NV ELMAR lo duna conseho y tips con pa reduci y/of mantene un consumo ideal.

“Like” NV ELMAR riba Facebook y comunica cu bo compania di coriente den un atmosfera social y amical. Sugerencianan, den cuadro di brinda mas y miho servicio na clientenan, semper ta bonbini.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have trouble with my electricity, how will N.V. Elmar assist me?

    In case you are experiencing full or partial outage the customer should make sure that it is not a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. If all of these are working properly you should contact N.V. Elmar at (297) 523-7147 and we will respond to your querie. In case you are experiencing dim or flickering lights, please contact Elmar and we will investigate the issue. If the issue is with your internal wiring you should contact a certified electrician for assistance.

  • There was a power outage in my neighborhood and my appliances got damaged, will N.V. Elmar provide me with new ones?

    According to our connection terms, N.V. Elmar is not responsible for possible damages to any electronic devices as consequence of a power outage.

  • What should be done when the customer is deceased, in order to transfer ownership of the account?

    The applicant must supply the certified death certificate (overlijdingsakte) as well as the valid proof of the official heir of the property, authorization of the majority of heirs and valid proof of indentification.

  • I was involved in an accident and have damaged N.V. Elmar’s property, what do I need to do?

    Call N.V. Elmar immediately and we will assess the damage. We advise to call the police and your insurance company.

  • Can I place: signs, flags or a basketball hoop on a pole?

    For safety and assets protection, it is prohibited by law to add any object to the poles. All foreign objects attached to our poles will be removed.