Prepaid Meter

Prepaid Meter Info

Prepaid is a pay-as-you-go plan that offers the opportunity to pay when you want, in the amounts you want. With a prepaid meter you buy your energy in the form of electricity in advance. The prepaid meter system knows three basic principles:

  • The consumer decides how much energy he will need, prior to using it.
  • The consumer pays the relevant amount to the utilities in advance.
  • The consumer credits the prepaid meter with the purchased amount of energy.

Prepaid meter offers the user several benefits compared to a conventional post paid meter. One of these benefits is the control the user has over his electricity usage by constantly monitoring the prepaid energy on our SmartUp Prepaid Portal. Another benefit is that this constant monitoring brings awareness of the electricity consumption which will lead to adjustment of consumption against your budget.

Why apply for a prepaid meter?

SmartUp Portal

Prepaid meter customers have access to the Prepaid SmartUp portal, where they can receive the following information:

  • kWh balance
  • Days remaining based on average consumption
  • Last kWH purchases
  • Daily kWh usage
  • Last consumption hourly meter reading
  • Or change your password

Requirements for application

Click the button below to view the requirements for prepaid meter application:

  • Residential customers
  • Non-Residential customers

How to recharge your prepaid meter

Top Up in 3 easy steps
  • Check your balance. If the balance is 15 kWh or less (enough for less than a day) we recommend you to recharge the prepaid meter.
  • Go to a designated point of sales to Top Up.
  • Choose your desired Top Up amount and provide your SmartUp Account Number.
  • Finalize your payment and it will automaticaly and instantly available in your SmartUp Account Portal wallet.

Prepaid Meter Application

Download your prepaid meter application

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have trouble with my electricity, how will N.V. Elmar assist me?

    In case you are experiencing full or partial outage the customer should make sure that it is not a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. If all of these are working properly you should contact N.V. Elmar at (297) 523-7147 and we will respond to your querie. In case you are experiencing dim or flickering lights, please contact Elmar and we will investigate the issue. If the issue is with your internal wiring you should contact a certified electrician for assistance.

  • There was a power outage in my neighborhood and my appliances got damaged, will N.V. Elmar provide me with new ones?

    According to our connection terms, N.V. Elmar is not responsible for possible damages to any electronic devices as consequence of a power outage.

  • What should be done when the customer is deceased, in order to transfer ownership of the account?

    The applicant must supply the certified death certificate (overlijdingsakte) as well as the valid proof of the official heir of the property, authorization of the majority of heirs and valid proof of indentification.

  • I was involved in an accident and have damaged N.V. Elmar’s property, what do I need to do?

    Call N.V. Elmar immediately and we will assess the damage. We advise to call the police and your insurance company.

  • Can I place: signs, flags or a basketball hoop on a pole?

    For safety and assets protection, it is prohibited by law to add any object to the poles. All foreign objects attached to our poles will be removed.


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