Paying your Statement

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We offer several special programs to help make your electric bill payment process easier and more convenient for you

Payment methods

  1. Cash or local debit cards 
  2. Standing order
  3. Online banking

We accept cash (Aruban Florins and U.S. Dollar) and debit cards 
U.S. Dollar Rate: 1.75

The following payment locations are offered for your convenience

  • N.V. Elmar offices located in Oranjestad, Hato and San Nicolas.
  • Government offices; located in San Nicolas, Savaneta, St. Cruz, Paradera and Noord.
  • Commercial banks.

Requirements for paying energy and water statement(s)

  • It will be greatly appreciated if the customer has the current statement with him/her
  • If this is not the case, it is important for the customer to know his or her account number and amount due (WEB Aruba N.V.)
  • The customer is able to pay cash with Aruban florins or American dollars (Dollar Rate = 1.75)
  • The customer can also use a debit card
  • N.V. Elmar does not accept personal and commercial checks as per 23rd of April 2018
  • N.V. Elmar does not accept credit cards

Standing order

Use our free automatic bank draft program. N.V. Elmar automatically drafts your bank account on the bills' due date each month and sends a statement showing energy use for the month.

All you need to do is complete a standing order application form, and provide a copy of a valid I.D. This standing order application form does not apply for RBC bank customers. RBC customers should arrange their standing order through their local RBC office.

You can download your standing order application below

Online Banking

You can easily pay your energy statement from the convenience of your home or work through your local bank.

Use the forms from your local bank as provided below:

(Please remember to fill in your account number consisting of your location ID and customer ID with no spaces or dashes in between)

Standing Order Application Form

Download this form to apply for a standing order.

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