Smart Meter

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N.V. Elmar has introduced the SMART METER, this is to ensure reliable energy to our customers and to have the highest customer service experience. This smart meter is an advanced energy meter that not only has the ability to measure the energy consumption but also the ability to measure other key components and communicate this to both our technical and customer service department.

  • Notifications of power failure and other power quality issues can be reported immediately.
  • Load Profiles of the meter is gathered throughout the day and is stored at our data center for future use.
  • Energy meter reads are gathered on a daily basis.

Smart Meter

To standardize and to offer more services to the customer, N.V. Elmar is in the process of replacing all the of its meters with smart meters. With a smart meter the data can be read accurately and without the need to send a person to each house. Data is collected to ensure that reliable power of the best quality is delivered to each house.

Advantages of Smart Meters

Besides the above mentioned new services a smart meter infrastructure offers several other benefits. The old fashion way of measured only consumption. Now we measure the quality of the electrical energy delivered. This offers a dynamic overview of power delivery and reliability.

If for whatever reason a house or customer is not getting electricity from the grid, the smart meter will notify N.V. Elmar immediately for investigation. A smart meter infrastructure also offers new services still to be introduced such as dynamic billing and Time of Use.

Customers on a bi-weekly payroll (quincena) have the option to pay for electricity every 2 weeks. Time of Use is a service that makes it possible to introduce day-and-night tariff, where the electricity at night is cheaper.

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